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Cat by allenjennison

This is a great shot. Its crisp, you did a really nice job of getting the cats attention, it reminds me a bit of a high school photo :p

The color is a bit on the green side. What I mean is that there is a bit of a green hue to the photo. It may just be my screen, that's always a possibility, but it wouldn't hurt to do a white balance check and make sure that you're getting the true color from this shot.

Very sharp and not overdone. This would be a great for a print out. Her face, her fur and all the important and wonderful details are perfectly in focus. Nice call on the aperture.

I feel that this shot is lacking something, a bit of intrigue. It isn't a bad shot, actually, its really nice. But, it does feel like a high school yearbook photo. I'm not great at composition myself, to be quite honest. I cheat by leaving a lot of negative space and cropping to fix it later. But, there are a TON of amazing photographers on this site that are amazing at it. Once again, not bad composition but I feel its lacking.

This is a great shot! Any pet owner would be very happy with this picture of their best friend on their wall and you have a great eye :)
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